Bring Me to Know About Hosting a Website

Hosting is an online service used to manage website or web application data by users and displayed via the internet. Website files stored in hosting are images, scripts, videos, emails, applications, and databases. When you use the internet network and will access a site, the first thing you do is write a domain name or certain keywords on a search engine page like Google.

If you are still confused, we will analogies a website as a house building. Where, hosting acts as the land of the building. While the domain and IP (Internet Protocol) are the address of the house. So, the function of the domain is to give identity to a website so that there is no duplication and it must be unique. Therefore, the purpose of using hosting is to store information and data belonging to the website.

Hosting Functions

Hosting has many uses that you can take advantage of related to website development for personal and company needs. Here are some of the functions of using hosting, including the following.

1. Creating Website Pages

The first, of course, is used to create a site that stores a lot of information and documents related to users or businesses. So, by using a hosting package, your web page will be displayed on search engines so that it can be accessed by many visitors via the internet.

2. Developing an Online Buying and Selling Site

If you want to create an online store website or often called ecommerce, you must use hosting so that any information you include can be indexed and read by search engines. Online store website development is able to bring in large consumers and your site will be better known by the public.

3. Create Professional Emails

The third function is to create a professional email or better known as a company email or your own domain. The goal is of course to increase the credibility of your business and look more professional. For example,, before creating the email make sure you already have a domain and hosting.

4. Able to Protect Website with SSL

The last function is to protect the website from malware attacks, viruses, DDOS attacks or spam. Therefore, with hosting support, you can install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that your site is more secure and optimal.

Types of Web Hosting

After discussing some of the functions that web hosting has, then enter the topic of the types of web hosting.

1. Cloud Based Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is the most popular plan because it has no downtime. Cloud hosting uses a group of servers with files and resources replicated on each server. So, when one of your servers is busy, your site traffic will automatically be routed to other servers in the cluster.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a server package that offers maximum control over the hosting services used on your website. It is quite flexible in its use, as well as being able to operate between the operating system and the software to be used.

3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a traditional type of hosting plan that shares one server with several different users, according to the needs of the server. The advantage of this service is that it is affordable and is perfect for running a simple website or blog site.

4. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is the middle ground between dedicated and cloud hosting. It allows users to use functions similar to a dedicated server at the same price as a cloud hosting package. VPS hosting is suitable for websites that have high traffic.

5. WordPress Hosting

The last type is WordPress hosting, which is another form of shared hosting package designed specifically for WordPress users. This server comes with pre-installed plugins and an optimised configuration. It also usually comes with additional features like themes, pre-designed, drag-and-drop page builders, and more specific developer tools.

How Hosting Works

The workings of a hosting package begin with a hosting company providing server space that stores assets and data for website needs. When a user enters the website’s domain name in the browser, the host will send the files needed to access the website.

Of course, in using hosting, you also pay a rental fee every month. If you pay on time, the server service will always be easy to access and can function properly without any interruptions related to connection and so on.


Hosting is an online service system for managing a site by users to be displayed via internet media.
The main function of using hosting is to be able to develop various websites, create professional emails, and protect sites with the help of SSL.
There are several types of web hosting, including cloud-based, dedicated, shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting.

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